Here’s What Flag Day Used to Look Like

The celebration dates back many years and it looked a little different than what you might see today.

What is Flag Day?

Closeup of ruffled American flagSTILLFX/Shutterstock

Flag Day is a celebration of the stars and stripes and everything that they represent. It is celebrated on June 14th every year. Another way to think about it is as the flag's birthday. It started in 1777 when a resolution was passed by Congress for an official American flag. Congress finally approved it as an official holiday in 1949 and it was signed into law by President Harry Truman. It is celebrated through school events, parades, and other ceremonies. Check out these surprising places you'll find the American flag.

United Nations signing


Before it was even an official holiday in the United States, members of the United Nations gather at the White House to reaffirm their pact on June 15, 1942. The desk pictured here was actually once used by Abraham Lincoln. The four men sitting behind it here are, from left to right: Dr. Francisco Castillo Najera, ambassador from Mexico; President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States; President Manuel Quezon of the Philippines; and U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

Iwo Jima re-enactment

iwo jima reenactmentAP/Shutterstock

In 1955, a group of young boys raises the American flag in celebration of the holiday in a similar formation to the iconic Imo Jima flag-raising picture from World War II.

That was Here’s What Flag Day Used to Look Like

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