Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Secrets To Lolo's Anti-Ageing Diet Plan

Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Secrets To Lolo's Anti-Ageing Diet Plan

Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Karisma celebrates her birthday on June 25! Read below to know the secret behind Lolo's prim proper figure and her sparkling skin

Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: It's the very beautiful and charming Karisma Kapoor's 45th birthday tomorrow. Karisma who is also known as Lolo by loved ones has some enthusiastic followers on Instagram who keep a tab on the prima donna's whereabouts. Over the decades Karisma has been an important part of Bollywood and has given more than twenty years of her life to it. Fans have adored her for her excellent skills of acting and dancing and most importantly for the utmost fashion and fitness idol that she is. The unbelievable part is that how she is still the same? Even at the age of 45, how does she manage her alluring face and gorgeous figure? To answer your questions, here we bring you some of the secrets of the iconic Bollywood diva.

Karisma's health mantra

Lolo believes in spiritual connection, she thinks that yoga is the ultimate goal to stay fit. Last year, the Hero no.1 actress shared her picture in the yoga pose on World Yoga Day (June 21). Like Karisma, several other celebs are following yoga to stay fit and pliable in a comprehensive manner. Yoga helps in reducing fat and it also enhances blood circulation. There are several yoga asanas, for instance,

  • Surya Namaskar, 
  • Gomukhansan
  • Setu Bandhasan and several others.

These asanas can help you to get a sleek waistline and toned legs and body. Lolo prefers to walk as much as she can. She takes the stairs instead of the lifts whenever it's possible.

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Lolo's tips for diet

Lolo ensures that she intakes a healthy diet. Her social media fans must have known her selective food options, as she posts it quite often. Check out the post to know more about her diet.

Karisma is fond of fruits, her Instagram is often filled with several types of berries including blueberries. Berries are full important antioxidants, which helps the body to stay clean from damage by heat. Berries are enriched with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, fiber and manganese. Considered as one of the skeptics' fruits, berries improve the blood circulation and control glucose levels in the body.

Lolo's craze for fruits does not limit to berries, as her love for watermelons is even more than that. Watermelon is absolutely fat-free and has a low amount of sodium in it. However, one must understand that these juicy fruits are the ultimate guide to Karisma's gorgeous figure.

Further stalking Karisma's Instagram posts, we came to know that Lolo is an addict to coffee beans. So, here's for you the coffee lovers, if you take coffee in a limited manner, it helps in the reduction of fat too. Coffee also has other benefits such as it enhances the functioning of the skull. It also helps in various cardiovascular diseases.

Let's have a look at the anti-aging diet plan of Karisma Kapoor

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  • For great metabolism, start your day with lukewarm lime water
  • Eat breakfast with whole grains such oats
  • citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, and mixed salad
  • protein, carbs, chappati, brown rice, one subzi
  • vegetable soup or chicken broth for dinner

Karisma's overall health and her charming face at the age of 45, is due to healthy eating and yoga. Follow the following tips to maintain your fitness:

  • Almonds for the facial glow
  • Get rid of wrinkles with chia seeds
  • Eat protein and carbohydrates
  • Soups for dinner
  • One day is your 'cheat day'
  • Stay Hydrated


Karisma Kapoor's Skin Care Tips

A natural scrub by Lolo which enhances the glow of your face. You just need brown sugar and olive oil for this. Take sugar and oil in equal quantities. Whip them nicely until it converts into a paste. Apply the paste on your face, chin, neck, lower neck and back. Wash it with lukewarm water after 60 minutes. 

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 24, 2019

That was Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Secrets To Lolo's Anti-Ageing Diet Plan

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