Diabetic Diet Plan: 4 Vegetables That Control Your Blood Sugar

Diabetic Diet Plan: 4 Vegetables That Control Your Blood Sugar

Though adding supplements to your daily life helps prevent diabetes, maintaining it begins with breakfast you eat every day. It is suggested that anyone suffering from high blood sugar levels should remember their breakfast first. You must remembe

Diabetic diet meal plan chart: Diabetes is none other than a lifestyle disease these days. Every second person is found to be a diabetic patient nowadays. Hence it is always recommended to bring certain changes in your daily routines, to prevent this disease. Diabetes slowly affects your other organs of the body too. If you do not take proper medication and exercise regularly, then you are prone to several other diseases such as,

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension 
  • Damaged retina (leads to blindness) 
  • Kidney failure (dialysis)

Just a few changes in your lifestyle will help you prevent this fatal disease. Avoid the consumption of packaged foods and a high intake of sugar. Processed foods last long but they are the sole factor for a lot of ailments. It is highly significant to consume as many as fibrous fruits and green leafy vegetables in your meal plan to finally make up for the balanced nutrients. Following is a list of healthy foods to control high blood glucose and lead a smooth life.

  • Eggs Whites
  • Chia seeds
  • Curd
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Flaxseeds 

Many are advised to add food and protein supplements into the meals, but they should be taken in a limit (by doctor's or dietician's prescription). Below are 5 natural supplements in the form of vegetables which will help you reduce the level of blood sugar in your body.

Root Vegetable- Carrots

Carrots can be consumed in any form. They can be taken in a salad or they can be as a vegetable. They could also be cooked into a soup as a supplement to your diet. It is suggested to be eaten by diabetic patients. Carrots consist of vitamin A and several other nutritious minerals which are good for the eye-sight too. Carrot is a root vegetable, hence it is fibrous too.

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Gourd Family Member- Cucumber

A portion of essential food for summers, cucumber always keeps you hydrated and is full of nutrients. Cucumber helps to maintain the insulin level in your body and never lets the sugar increase. Cucumbers are highly fibrous, it enhances blood circulation. Cucumber can be eaten raw in the form of salad or can be taken with curd.

Bhindi- Okra (Ladyfinger)

Okra famously known as Bhindi is a vegetable, that is a commonly consumed vegetable in India. Bhindi can be cooked as a vegetable and is sometimes seen as a supplement in mic of vegetables. Everyone cooks okra in their own style. This green vegetable has several factors that decrease levels of cholesterol levels, hence it proves to be a portion of good food for diabetic patients.

Edible Red Berries- Tomatoes

Without tomatoes, the sour taste in vegetables is next to possible. The 'tadka' of tomato is mandatory in every household and every religion. Tomatoes are even consumed in abroad as salads. In India, tomatoes are seen in soups, vegetables, dals, etc. If you lose or gain weight, tomato is always recommended in your diet. Tomatoes have features of low calories and carbohydrates, which makes it essential for diabetics.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 25, 2019

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