25 Brand-New Words Added to the Dictionary for 2019


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Sure, that annoying fly in the room is buzzy, but there's also the good kind of buzz. That's the generated, cultural attention and interest in a movie, TV show, book, or really anything with mass market appeal before it hits the public. You've heard of generating buzz, but an example of something that is currently buzzy is Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars land coming to Disneyland and World. Fans and stans, and the general public are abuzz, buzzy with talk, press, and Twitter, about all the deets. And we are, too; here's a first look at Disney's Star Wars Edge.


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Merriam-Webster defines this term, as "capable of being absorbed by living tissue." That sounds like the plot of The Blob, but it actually refers to pretty innovative surgical techniques. Sutures, stents, and various other devices can be made of harmless, bioabsorbable materials that are far less invasive than metal pieces or previously-used methods. If you like these new dictionary additions, check out these 13 words from the first dictionary that no longer exist.


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Do you work out? If so, you probably look swole. The term basically derives from swelling or swollen, but it's a positive adjective used to describe top-notch or particularly aesthetic musculature. As in, Robert Pattinson as the new Batman is looking swole. In the mood for more interesting vocab? Here are 20 words that are their own opposites.

That was 25 Brand-New Words Added to the Dictionary for 2019

That Was 25 Brand-New Words Added to the Dictionary for 2019, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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