11 Lucky Things to Always Keep in Your Home

Boost your chances for good energy and prosperity while warding off evil spirits by placing these simple items in your home.

Proper feng shui

Spa atmosphere candle with zen stones in sand still natureCandyBox Images/Shutterstock

Feng shui is a very complex school of thought on how best to direct the flow of energy in your home so that it moves freely and organically, helping you live your best life. While the system is quite complex, one of the basic principles is the representation of the five Chinese elements in the home: wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Practitioners say that you should place an object made of wood or water in the money sector of the home in order to bring prosperity.

Elephant symbols

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Both Buddhist and Hindu belief systems revere the elephant as godly or nearly godly animals. The elephant represents many things, from maternity and fertility to luck and wisdom. According to the home design site thespruce.com, the posturing of the elephant in the home is important to its symbolism. An elephant with its trunk in an upright position, for example, is thought to herald good luck. Plan your next trip to some of the luckiest places in the world.


Incense stick burning with smoke, close up, macro. Island Bali, Ubud, IndonesiaOlegD/Shutterstock

Many people burn incense to achieve a sense of relaxation, but some believe it can rid the home of negative energy. In much the same way that the burning of sage is supposed to dispel impure spirits from a house, incense is supposed to cleanse all types of negativity. Some even say that different scents accomplish different types of tasks.

That was 11 Lucky Things to Always Keep in Your Home

That Was 11 Lucky Things to Always Keep in Your Home, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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