This Is Your Ideal Cruise Vacation, According to Your Zodiac

Have your heart—and sails—set on a summer cruise vacation? Instead of opting for whatever is the cheapest, consider choosing a getaway based on your zodiac sign. After all, if you want to have the most fun, your vacation should be compatible with your personality.

Aries: Disney Cruise Line

KEY WEST, FL.-OCTOBER 01: the Disney Magic, a Disney Cruise Line ship, docks in Key West, Fl., on October 01, 2015. The cruise ship is 984 feet long and can accommodate up to 2400 passengers.Chuck Wagner/Shutterstock

With an abundance of energy, a cruise where you merely lie around all day, every day, will bore you terribly, Aries. The perfect solution? Kristin West, a celebrity astrologer, suggests a Disney Cruise Line for rams since its programming can't be beat and Aries can get in touch with their inner child. "A cruise that stimulates Aries' childlike need for a fairy tale will give them rest and relaxation they need." Along the way, you'll get to meet a few princesses and other beloved Disney characters, enjoy fireworks at sea, see Broadway-style shows, and experience many more magical moments. Find out the 18 secrets Disney Cruise Line employees won't tell you.

Taurus: Mediterranean cruise


For you Taurus, it's not enough to have the basic necessities of a cruise—a nice room, a plethora of food, and warm weather. Nope, this stubborn bull has a lust after the finer things in life—and a vacation is no exception, West says. That's why instead of the traditional Caribbean cruise, she suggests Taurus head to the romance and the intrigue of the Mediterranean. A sail on one of Cyrstal Cruises luxurious ships, complete with impressive wine cellars, on-board sushi bars, and impeccable service, will thrill the bon vivant Taurus. Find out the 10 little-known cruises that leave the Caribbean in the dust.

Gemini: Norwegian cruise

Viking River CruiseCourtesy Viking Cruises

Gemini, you're the storyteller of the zodiac, with your animated and fun-loving personality. You not only appreciate reading the tales of other folks but if you exercise your creative bone, you might be inspired enough to tell your own, according to West. Where should you sail toward? The beauty of Norway on a Viking River Cruise. Don't forget though: to get those juices flowing, you need attention from others. That's why astrologer Tracy Atkinson says to keep yourself busy and surrounded by new or existing pals. "A day spent chatting with people from around the world, playing games, reading and learning, followed by a night of good comedy and you're in heaven," she says.

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