22 Outdated Wedding Rules No One Follows Anymore

You have to have a wedding cake

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These days, many couples don't even opt for the traditional wedding cake, nevermind them cutting it in front of everyone. "We are seeing couples create a variety of dessert tables including small dessert bites, pie spreads, donut walls, or even candy stations," Elder says.  Here's how wedding cakes became popular in the first place.

You have to have kids at your wedding

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More and more couples are asking their guests to leave their kids at home rather than having them come to the ceremony and the reception to make the affair more sophisticated. "One of my couples is putting a no one under 25 rule, specifically to exclude some just-turned-21-cousins from attending their open bar wedding," Bradshaw says.

You need to do a bouquet and garter toss

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"While this was a fun highlight of a wedding reception back in the day, it has now become the dreaded event that sends all singles to the bathroom in a mass exodus," McCord Jones says. "Generally, women do not want their relationship status on display, nor do they want to cat-fight for a bouquet in hopes that they will be the next lucky girl to head down the aisle. Brides are now sensitive to this and often hand off their bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest."  Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer, wedding photographers turned co-hosts of "The Secret Life of Weddings" podcast, say you can update this tradition by instead having a dance for married couples and having the DJ to ask couples who have been married five years, ten years, etc. to sit down. Eventually, the couple married longest will remain and the bouquet can be presented to them out of respect. You might opt for this based on the history of the bouquet toss.

That was 22 Outdated Wedding Rules No One Follows Anymore

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