13 Hairstyle Mistakes That Age You The Most

From taking vitamins religiously to avoiding tans, you've done everything in your power to dodge the effects of aging. Why then, are you adding years to your face with the wrong hairstyle?

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The wrong length

Length is one of the biggest variables that can easily age your face. "[The wrong] length can drag down your overall appearance," says Nunzio Saviano, one of New York's top hair stylists. As an anti-aging hair care tip, he recommends adding volume by cutting long layers around the face to accentuate your features and cautions you to avoid "flat" styles that can look undone. Work with your stylist to decide on the perfect amount of layers and length that will compliment your hair type and face, he suggests.

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Overly dramatic hair colour

Don't opt for the darkest or lightest shades, which can drain your skin tone, Nunzio says. Instead, find a good middle ground. "Go for softer shades," he suggests, as they add dimension and give off the appearance of young, radiant hair. Other than your hair colour, watch out for these exercise mistakes that make you look older.

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Scrimping on haircuts

"Super long, overgrown strands are always aging and should be left for teens," says Giovanni Vaccaro, artistic director of Glamsquad. "I always recommend my older clients get frequent haircuts, ideally every two months. This will keep your strands looking fresh and healthy and give your style the necessary shape." He further suggests adding layers or choosing a shorter style to help elongate the neck area as an anti-aging hair care tip.

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