How to Cut a Watermelon (the Easy Way!)

Here's our step-by-step guide on how to cut a watermelon. You can make slices, cubes, and melon balls like a pro.

How to cut a watermelon

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Watermelons are big and bulky, and the idea of cutting into one can be intimidating. If you find yourself asking how to cut a watermelon, you're not alone. We made the process so simple, you'll be snacking on chic watermelon cubes or enjoying our sweetest watermelon recipes in no time!

First, prepare a work station

Watermelon on a wooden table.Vjacheslav_Kozyrev/Shutterstock

You might be tempted to cut the watermelon in half and get things going, but it's easier to start by cutting off the top and bottom of the watermelon. That creates a flat side so the watermelon doesn't roll away, giving you nice, neat slices while also protecting your fingers! Before you start slicing, make sure you know how to pick out the perfect watermelon.

Quarter the watermelon

Cut watermelon (halves, half, quarter), watermelon slices, sliced watermelonLovelyday Vandy/Shutterstock

Starting with a quartered watermelon is our go-to way to create slices and melon balls. To get there, stand the watermelon on one of the cut ends and slice it in half down the middle, creating two large halves. Then, lay each piece flesh side down and slice in half lengthwise so the whole watermelon is now quartered.

That was How to Cut a Watermelon (the Easy Way!)

That Was How to Cut a Watermelon (the Easy Way!), Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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