50 of the Unhealthiest Foods at the Supermarket

Coated candies

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"One of the most popular snacks at the movie theaters, coated candy claims to be made with 'real chocolate, but this 'real chocolate' contains artificial flavors, corn syrup, red 40, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6," notes Varbanova. "These dyes have been found to be contaminated with carcinogens, such as benzidine. Food colorings have been linked to several health issues, including allergies and hyperactivity in children." If you want a sweet treat, reach for something with a clean ingredients label like Hail Merry, and take a look at these 20 food facts that will change the way you eat.

Creamy spinach dip

Spinach with sour cream and garlic in white platevsl/Shutterstock

Don't be fooled by "spinach!" in this product's name. Varbanova points out that the ingredients in commercially prepared creamy spinach diplutamate, also known as MSG, which has been linked to headaches, obesity, depression, and mental disorders.

Canned chicken noodle soup

Homemade chicken noodle soup with carrots and celery in a yellow bowl, macro with copy spaceCheryl E. Davis/Shutterstock

Soup is good food? Maybe not. "Once again the label on certain soups can easily lead you to believe it's a great nutritious food with 16g of protein," says Varbanova. "Once you look on the back, however, you'll see that this soup is full of junk. Some of the ingredients here are modified food starch, carrageenan, sugar, canola oil, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate." Carrageenan has been linked to digestive problems and inflammation, she notes. Also, canola oil is a refined cooking oil that goes through a heavy amount of processing with chemical solvents, neutralizers, bleach, and deodorizers before it ends up in the bottle.

That was 50 of the Unhealthiest Foods at the Supermarket

That Was 50 of the Unhealthiest Foods at the Supermarket, Hopefully it's useful and you like it.

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