11 Costco Items You Think Will Save You Money—But Won’t


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Ask any parent and they will tell you that the early months with a baby are all about the endless diaper changes. Again, you might automatically think that Costco is best because you're buying in bulk, but it's worth checking prices at Walmart, Target, and Amazon Family, particularly if you're picky about the brand, style, or size of the package you buy. And there are some other things you should never buy in bulk, period.


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It's true that Costco has some of the cheapest drugs around. For example, a generic drug necessary for people with Bell's palsy that typically costs around $200 can be found at Costco for less than $39. However, you need to look closely at your insurance plan before filling your prescription at their pharmacy to get those dirt cheap prices. "Many of our clients list Costco as their preferred pharmacy without realizing there are other pharmacies where they can fill their prescriptions for less," says Danielle Kunkle Roberts, co-founder of Boomer Benefits. "If your insurance plan has a network and Costco is not a preferred pharmacy in it, your medications will likely be cheaper somewhere else," says Kunkle Roberts. Or you can use an app such as GoodRx.com to compare all of the pharmacies in your area to find the best deal.


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Not only do supermarkets often offer eggs for less, but eggs are also another product with a limited shelf life. "Purchasing large quantities of eggs from Costco just doesn't make sense unless you're regularly cooking up huge batches," says Steven Millstein, a certified financial planner and founder of CreditRepairExpert.

That was 11 Costco Items You Think Will Save You Money—But Won’t

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