5 Signs That You Are Over Consuming Salt

5 Signs That You Are Over Consuming Salt

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  • Do you experience frequent headaches?
  • Are you thirsty all the time?
  • You might be consuming too much salt
  • Know all the signs of over-consuming salt

Excess of anything is bad. If you are using the salt shaker too much then it can be harmful to your health in many ways. Consumption of too much salt can increase your blood pressure and can put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and osteoporosis. But you might not be aware that you are consuming too much salt unless you go for a urine test. There are certain signs and symptoms that one can experience after regular consumption of too much salt. These warning signs can hint you to reduce the consumption of salt in your diet.

Swelling in strange places

This might be a strange symptom but when you consume too much salt. But consumption of excessive salt increases the water content in the different body tissues which is called edema. This leads to swelling in different parts of the body. You can experience puffy eyes, swelling on the fingers, around the ankles or knees. The only way to control this situation is to monitor your diet carefully. Reduce the amount of salt you consume each day.

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Changes in urination

Salt intake can change your urinating pattern as well. Too much salt makes your kidney work for longer to remove it from your body. You may feel an urgent need to urinate at times. In such a situation you should check the amount of salt you are consuming. It can be the culprit behind your frequent need to urinate. You can also experience a change in the colour of the urine. Though salt is an essential part of most of the food items. But you consider less salt in some of the dishes.

Excessive thirst

When you consume more quantity of salt, it disturbs the fluid balance of your body. Excessive salt will make you drink more water. You will thirsty very frequently. But not drinking enough water is not the solution to this situation. You should drink more and more water otherwise you will experience dehydration. Water will also help you maintain your overall health and will keep you fresh.

You crave salt

When you consume too much salt you become too much used to it that you end up adding extra salt to each and every food you eat. You feel that the food you eat has less salt and you end up adding more salt. You also crave salty food items because your taste buds become more familiar to the salty taste. You start looking for salty food items to satisfy taste buds.

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Continuous headache

Another symptom of consuming too much salt is frequent headaches. You may experience a headache all the time. The headaches are usually mild. Apart from reducing the amount of salt you consume you should also drink more water to keep those headaches at bay. Drinking more water is a better way to prevent headaches then popping a painkiller.

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Written by: Varsha Vats

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Mar 27, 2019

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